20. Jorick Bruins

Hi everyone,

I might have been slacking off on my blog-writing-duties. I would say that this is because I am too busy, but in reality I just forgot. Let me introduce myself, my name is Jorick Bruins. I am a 4th year PhD student specialized in bio-organic chemistry, former PhD-trip treasurer and self-proclaimed nerd.

The greatest part about my PhD is the fact that I can get involved in many different fields. Due to the fact that we are preparing new antibody-drug conjugates, I got to work on protein expression, total synthesis of new and exciting compounds, protein conjugation and immunology. We use tyrosine amino acids as site-selective handles for our so-called SPOCQ reaction.
I will spare you most of the details as we have written a few papers about this by now, and I suppose you could use search engines to find it.

In my spare time, I’d like to do ‘nerd-stuff’. I often go back to my home town in Twente to play dungeons and dragons with friends. Otherwise I love to spend time playing video games, and lately I’ve started to read fantasy books. Honestly, Patrick Rothfuss’ “Name of the Wind” is a terrific book, and you’ll get consumed by the world that he portraits.

Ofcourse, we have to talk about the PhD trip. In 2017 I helped to organize the PhD trip to Denmark and Sweden, which was a joy! We got to visit very interesting groups, and a lot of us were blessed with permanent contacts for collaboration and / or friendships. I really hope to see this for this trip as well, and if you are a sponsor and you are reading this:

Thank you, sincerely.

Until next time,


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