18. Milou Santbergen #3

Hi All,

It’s time for my second personal blog. In the last few months we had summer holiday and the first term at our University already ended (we have 6 terms), time is flying by. Even though most of my colleagues went on a nice break to a warm country I stayed in the lab. This might sound a little sad, but it really isn’t because during summer you don’t have the distractions of meetings, teaching or other stuff that gets in the way of really doing research. I was able to generate most of my data for my manuscript. Furthermore, I’m also working on a review paper, which means I have a lot writing to do. And nothing is scarier than looking at a blank document and not knowing what to write. There are a few things I need to do/have before I can start writing: 1) My desk needs to be clean and tidy (tidy desk-tidy mind), 2) At least 3-4 hours uninterrupted time and 3) the graphs/images I want to write about printed and in front of me. Usually, the first thing I start writing is the methods section because it is just easy and helps with getting something on the page. Writing for me is a process I struggle with, being a perfectionist like most PhD students, I kept changing my document and still was not satisfied. I learned getting input from others is basically the only way to progress my writing and make it better, not perfect, but better. And that is enough! (reminder to self ;)). So is this little blog perfect, probably not. But it is enough! Talk to you next time.



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