17. Sevil Sahin #2

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my second blog! Since I published my first blog, it has been quite time and of course a lot of things happened. As Jordi mentioned in his last blog, we have been busy with teaching labs. But I was also busy with attending some nice conferences.
Attending conferences is an indivisible part of a PhD life. Sometimes this can be an overwhelming activity if you register for a conference which is not directly related with your research. In my case, fortunately this was the other way around 🙂 The first conference I attended as a PhD student is 12th International Symposium of Polyelectrolytes (ISP) which was held in Wageningen. The conference organized by VLAG Graduate School was about physical chemistry of polyelectrolytes. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I build layers of polyelectrolytes for selective ion removal from water. So, whole conference was full of learning, asking many questions, and meeting the people in my field. Long story in short, I really enjoyed it. Also, we had a pre-conference, 2-day course for PhD candidates so that we could learn about theory, modeling, and synthesis of polyelectrolytes. The photo above belongs to the farewell dinner and definitely one of the best parts of a conference! Me (left) and other PhD candidates from different countries, all working with polyelectrolytes.
Another conference I attended was European Water Tech Week in Leeuwarden. This topic was also quite overlapping with my project. This unique event connects policy, innovation, and technology leaders who work on water technologies from governments, companies, and universities. We had interesting and inspiring talks from key-note speakers include Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Professor Rong Wang from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and Dirk Jan van den Berg of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Water Tech Week was full of interactive sessions, nice discussions, and even a competition where different innovators did 2-min pitches to introduce their ideas and get funding. I am looking forward to see these innovations in real time!
Besides conferences, as ORC PhDs we were busy with organizing our coming trip, of course. I am glad to announce that we will organize a symposium in Ben Gurion University on February 7th to share our research and learn from each other. Another thing that makes me excited is visiting ZIWR (Zuckerberg Institute of Water Research) where chemists, hydrologists, geologists, microbiologists, engineers, and many others work together to tackle water-related problems.
Before I finish my blog, I would like to thank to our sponsors especially to Biolin Scientific to make this trip possible and support us! See you in another blog and please follow us in Twitter and Instagram (ORC_PhDs) 🙂

Sevil Sahin

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