9. Annemieke van Dam

Hi everyone,


This week it’s my turn to write the ORC blog for our big trip to Israel. My name is Annemieke, and am at the end of the first year of my PhD. Before coming to Wageningen, I studied the Bachelor Chemistry in Nijmegen, the Bachelor Applied Mathematics at the TU Delft and the Master in Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam. I have hopped throughout the Netherlands, and now I’m at its centre.


My research is focussed on polymer-repellent coatings, using fluorinated polymer brushes. I am synthesising my own monomers, which I then use to grow a brush via ATRP. Anti-fouling and self-repairing test must then show their performance and durability.

Next to these experiments, I am also modelling the behaviour of such brushes. Using the SCF-method, I am investigating the mechanism with which the polymers can restore themselves after being damaged. My multidisciplinary background is a real advantage here, since this modelling requires both programming and chemical insight. I hope to show this to the groups we will be visiting in Israel, and to convey the importance of modelling as a supplement to lab experiments.


As I will be on pregnancy leave from June 1st, this week I will be finishing some last computations and tying loose ends. I am very grateful that both KNCV and Jeol have decided to sponsor our trip generously, and extra happy that they were quick to arrange it, so that they can be ticked off my list.


If you want to reach me, I’ll be back in October!

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