5. Sevil Sahin

Hi everyone,

This week is my turn to introduce myself and my project in our PhD-trip blog. I have just noticed that it is quite hard to explain yourself in a few sentences. Let’s start from the easiest part: My name is Sevil Sahin and I am the treasurer of the committee that organizes PhD Trip 2019 to Israel.

I am from Istanbul, Turkey and this is my first year in the Netherlands. I have studied at Istanbul Technical University (B.Sc. in Chemistry) and Istanbul University (M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry), and since 2017 July I am a proud member of ORC PhDs!
My research is about electro-driven desalination. Electro-driven desalination processes, which focus on purifying water, have also the potential to obtain salts at high purity. For instance, phosphate, which is a high-value, non-renewable natural resource, is mainly recovered from waste streams using precipitation methods that require chemicals and lack selectively. High purities could be obtained when combing electro-driven separation with ion-selective properties. We explore the use of electro-driven separations to achieve ion-selective removal.

Currently, I am learning, discovering, and of course trying to tackle the problems in my project. I believe, to solve the problems in any kind of research, people should mutually exchange ideas and maintain intellectual interaction. This is the starting point of ORC PhD trips: Trips for communication and interaction.

I hope I have managed to express myself and our intention for PhD Trips. So far, we have been contacting the companies for sponsorship. VLAG Graduate School, LEBFonds, Screening Devices, and WETSUS have decided to support us. Thank you for supporting science! If you also would like to support us, please contact me: sevil.sahin@wur.nl.
Stay tuned for the next blog and to know more about us, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
Best regards,
Sevil Sahin

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