3. Ian de Bus

Hi all,

Today it is my turn to write a new piece for our weekly updated PhD-trip blog. Let me start by introducing myself to all of you. My name is Ian de Bus. I am Dutch and live in the city Gouda, which is famous for its cheese and stroopwafels (sirup cookies). Furthermore I have a girlfriend, two cats and I am a very passionate volleyball player. Finally, I am also co-organiser of this PhD trip to Israel.

My PhD project is a joined project between the laboratory of Organic Chemistry and the department of Human Nutrition and Pharmacology, and aims at understanding the anti-inflammatory effects of fish fatty acid derivatives. Apart from the scientific difficulties, this project also aims at bringing together nutrition scientists and organic chemists. That latter part of the project is also very appealing to me, since in my opinion science is all about team work and connectivity. Especially, on the borders of the fields of pharmacy, chemistry and biology more collaborations are found since the discovery of new techniques which include “click-chemistry” and CRISPR-Cas technologies. To establish exactly these new collaborations and connections, we will go to Israel for this new edition of the labtrip.

To summarize, I hope I have been able to show you the importance of teamwork in science. On behalf of all the PhD candidates I would already like to thank the VLAG Graduate School and LEBFonds for their sponsoring. Would you also like to team up with us and contribute to this initiative, please feel free to contact us. Because, as Johan Cruijff (one of the best football players ever in the world) once said: “It is not the best players that win a match, but the best team.”


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