2. Introducing Milou Santbergen

Hi! My name is Milou and in this blog I would like to introduce myself to you via some keywords that describe me.

PhD student
This an obvious one, but hey still true. At the moment I’m a third year PhD student and my work focusses on the combination of mass spectrometry detection with organ-on-a-chip technology. Want to know more please check out this link

PhD trip board member
Every time we go on PhD trip we also pick a board, a group of 4 PhD students that fulfil key tasks necessary for a smooth and organized trip. We have a chair person, secretary, treasurer and public relations manager. The public relations manager that’s me! I structure the social media output like twitter and these blog post. And will also keep busy with overseeing contacting sponsors and contacting research groups to visit.

BSc and MSc
I studied Biology with a focus on Health and Disease for both my Bachelor and my Master at Wageningen University. As a child I was fascinated by nature and those real surgery television shows. So when the time came for me to pick a study direction the only logical choice was Biology. Now you might be wondering how did I end up at the Organic Chemistry group then? Well my PhD research is a mix of analytical chemistry (a sub group within organic chemistry) and cell biology. But being the only biologist among chemists sometimes results in funny situations where the other PhD students have to explain basic chemical concepts to me like I’m a child.

Done with the science talk, I naturally have other interests. Like traveling! My love for traveling started when I was 17 years old in Rome, Italy. The food, the people, the architecture, the weather it was all amazing. And it was also the first time I could wonder the city by myself. I still remember sitting by the Trevi fountain eating my 2nd ice cream of the day, just watching people pass by. Since than I have been lucky enough to visit many more countries and will keep doing so.

Daughter, Sister, Fiancé

These are some more personal ones. I grew up in a lovely small town in the province Brabant, which is in the south of the Netherlands. Together with my mum, dad, little sister and our dog. And as of recently I’m a fiancé, sounds so mature, but yes next year I will get married.
Hope you enjoyed the read, in the coming weeks many more introductions will follow!


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