1. A look into the life of Organic Chemistry PhD students

So, as this is the first blog post we thought it would be nice to start with answering some questions.

Who are we? We are the PhD student of the Organic Chemistry group at Wageningen University. At the moment we are with 9 guys and 7 girls a nice balance I would say. And we come from all over the world. Our research is focused around three main topics: Surface bound analytical chemistry, synthesis of bioactive molecules and interactive surfaces.

Why did we start a blog? Every two years we organize a trip to a foreign country to experience a different research setting, present our work, exchange ideas and make new friends. So far we have been to Denmark, Sweden, China, Scotland, England, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. In 2019 we will be visiting Israel and via this blog we would like to share our experiences organizing the trip and also how we experience Israel.

What can you expect from this blog?

– Weekly blog post
– Individual introduction of the PhD students
– PhD trip updates (sponsors, visiting research groups)
– Daily blogs whilst in Israel

Please join us throughout our journey towards Israel!

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